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After recently getting into the Bitcoin game, I wanted an easy way to find Bitcoin prices on my Android phone.  I saw a few apps out there that went against MTGox or BitStamp, but nothing that went against BitcoinAverage.  Some updated to the Android notification bar, but wasn’t updating properly.  I even stumbled upon a thread on the BitcoinTalk forums where someone was explicitly looking for an Android widget that went against BitcoinAverage.

I took this as my time to jump in and fill a gap that was out there, so I worked a few nights and came up with BitAvg, which is now released to the Play store.

This is a set of 2 simple widgets that refresh every 5 minutes.  One against BitcoinAverage’s API and returns both their USD average, as well as their USD average excluding MTGox.   My other widget goes against Coinbase, using their API to display their buy/sell prices.

It isn’t fancy, but it gives me the price updates regularly, which serves the need I created it for.  It’s currently free in the market, and I might make it ad-supported as I add further enhancements.

Due to requests on the BitcoinTalk forum, I’ve decided to release my source for the current version of 0.2.  You can download the source here.  That being said, I’m sure it’s not the most optimal, but I don’t have too much Android experience, and it does the job for now.

If you would like to tip/donate any BTC to me for this effort, it would be much appreciated! Donations accepted at: 1Ha6UvRDBKw6wvf3dJb9EVLSBS8odSBtG

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