Simple Lister v0.5 is out

After MONTHS of sitting with Simple Lister v0.4 and no changes for ages, I’ve FINALLY gotten around to finalizing my changes for v0.5.

The bulk of these changes include full background synchronization.  No more will the user be forced to wait while a note is being added/updated/trashed/etc.  Read/modify your notes even without a network connection.

Simple Lister Free (ad supported) – Simple Lister Pro ($0.99 no ads)

Side note: If you make changes to your note with Simple Lister and SimpleNote at the same time, it will not be sync’ed.  I need to properly handle a merge situation.

One thought on “Simple Lister v0.5 is out

  1. The new version is definitely an improvement. i look forward to having some of my requested features implemented in the next version, which i expect to be released sometime in the near future!

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