BitAvg updated to 0.3 – includes price

I have just updated BitAvg tonight to include a new ticker widget which reports the latest BTC average price from

I did a little bit of code cleanup, but nothing that would be noticeable.

I *tried* to make the 3 widgets share the same layout and widget provider, but it looks like the widget provider in Android helps the widgets identify themselves, since titles were crossing between widgets, and it wasn’t right at all. I’ll try this again, when I want to put more time into it.

BitAvg – Bitcoin Widgets released

After recently getting into the Bitcoin game, I wanted an easy way to find Bitcoin prices on my Android phone.  I saw a few apps out there that went against MTGox or BitStamp, but nothing that went against BitcoinAverage.  Some updated to the Android notification bar, but wasn’t updating properly.  I even stumbled upon a thread on the BitcoinTalk forums where someone was explicitly looking for an Android widget that went against BitcoinAverage.

I took this as my time to jump in and fill a gap that was out there, so I worked a few nights and came up with BitAvg, which is now released to the Play store.

This is a set of 2 simple widgets that refresh every 5 minutes.  One against BitcoinAverage’s API and returns both their USD average, as well as their USD average excluding MTGox.   My other widget goes against Coinbase, using their API to display their buy/sell prices.

It isn’t fancy, but it gives me the price updates regularly, which serves the need I created it for.  It’s currently free in the market, and I might make it ad-supported as I add further enhancements.

Due to requests on the BitcoinTalk forum, I’ve decided to release my source for the current version of 0.2.  You can download the source here.  That being said, I’m sure it’s not the most optimal, but I don’t have too much Android experience, and it does the job for now.

If you would like to tip/donate any BTC to me for this effort, it would be much appreciated! Donations accepted at: 1Ha6UvRDBKw6wvf3dJb9EVLSBS8odSBtG

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Simple Lister v0.6 released

I saw an error in the developer console regarding a parsing problem.

A user had a note which had the [ ] characters within the title.  This was causing my parsing to separate content/title to fail, since Java was expecting a regular expression, where [ and ] are special characters.


A quick little change to my logic, to use text length of “replaceFirst” and the problem looks to be fixed, so that’s it for Simple Lister v0.6!

Simple Lister is now on the BlackBerry App World!

Since BlackBerry’s PlayBook can run android applications, they promoted for Android developers to submit an application to their AppWorld, and get a free PlayBook.

I didn’t have to change any code in Simple Lister, just signed/ported it per BlackBerry’s instructions.  I’m curious to see how it will run on the PlayBook, so we’ll see how that goes when mine arrives!

HowTo: Converting Simple Lister to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Since I’m running ICS on my Nexus S, I wanted to bring Simple Lister up to date with the latest and greatest. I also didn’t want to ruin any backwards compatibility.

Turns out this was easier than expected, AND the application is fully backwards compatible with Android 1.6 (Donut).

Holo Theme

To get the basic “holo” theme, all I had to do was update the ‘uses-sdk’ line in the androidManifest.xml to target a version from Honeycomb (11) or higher:

SDK line in androidManifest.xml

SDK line in androidManifest.xml

Bam, everything came along for the ride, the default dark holo theme, the action bar at top.

Action Bar icons

Now, since we had a shiny new action bar, I might as well move menu items to that.  All I had to do was go into my appropriate menu.xml and add the following to the items I want in the menu bar


So, that will display the appropriate icon in the action bar (if there is room) and display the title with it (if there is room).

Action Bar Icon

The one caveat with the change in our menu.xml, make sure you update your “Project Build Target” in the project properties to at least API 11 if you are using Eclipse.

Eclipse - Build Target properties

In Summary

I did 3 simple changes to make my app happy for ICS:

  1. Updated androidManifest.xml’s <uses-sdk> element  to include android:targetSdkVersion="11" (or higher)
  2. Updated menu.xml files to include android:showAsAction='ifRoom|withText' to display icons on the Action Bar
  3. Eclipse only: Updated Project Properties – Build Target to at least API 11

What’s next?

While this gives us the most basic of ICS (and I suppose Honeycomb) look/style and the Action Bar, there are still more changes I can make:

  • Updating the icon in the Action Bar to return to the ‘home’ action
  • Adding more icons to the Action Bar
  • Updating the Action Bar title to display the note’s title, and not just “Simple Lister”
  • Looking into how Gmail on ICS has an upper and lower action bar
  • and I’m sure there’s more, which I’ll get into in later posts.

Simple Lister v0.5 is out

After MONTHS of sitting with Simple Lister v0.4 and no changes for ages, I’ve FINALLY gotten around to finalizing my changes for v0.5.

The bulk of these changes include full background synchronization.  No more will the user be forced to wait while a note is being added/updated/trashed/etc.  Read/modify your notes even without a network connection.

Simple Lister Free (ad supported) – Simple Lister Pro ($0.99 no ads)

Side note: If you make changes to your note with Simple Lister and SimpleNote at the same time, it will not be sync’ed.  I need to properly handle a merge situation.

Hello world just got a WordPress facelift.  We’ll see where this goes, and see how this works out.

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